About 6ixth

Have you ever bought something online and waited for it to arrive, only to discover that what you receive in the end is not quite what you expected? Yes, it is frustrating. And it has happened to us too.

We are a small team of likely minded individuals who aim to provide only quality products that YOU can actually use and that YOU will be happy using.

What brought our team together? The love for online shopping.
We believe online shopping is the future. Having the possibility to buy that nice dress or a bag you saw in an advertisement or perhaps an accessory for your car, without having to spend precious time traveling to the local store, can be a life-changing experience. All the time saved by buying goods online can be spend in your business, your health or spending quality time with your loved ones.

We ourselves shop online a lot. And we know the feeling when that time you think you saved by ordering something from a website, needs to be invested in hassle to return it for one reason or another, spending hours in discussions with support teams and so on. We at 6ixth aim to really provide you the quality you expect and deserve from your order. And if it happens that you change your mind or we have not managed to answer your expectations - we are here for you! Let us know!

We care about YOU, our customers.This is why we started this business with one thought in mind - to provide a great customer experience even after you have received your order.

Our mission: to provide effortless online shopping of premium quality goods from the first to the last step of the process.

Our vision: to become an established brand, trusted and known worldwide for its quality of services.